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Browns Mill Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

We Are Browns Mill Elementary School 
Our Motto
Maintaining positive and respectful means of communication with students, staff, parents and other stakeholders 

Build * Motivate * Educate * Succeed

Our Mission:

To build our community of learners by motivating and educating our students to succeed

Based on our core beliefs, we commit to:

=    Creating a culture of high expectations that fosters individual responsibility and coordinated effort for all members of the learning process

      Maintaining positive and respectful means of communication with students, staff, parents     

      and other stakeholders 

      Ensuring a relevant curriculum targeting higher-order thinking skills

      Implementing a curriculum that is paced, aligned, and consistent

      Providing meaningful, guided instruction that is student-centered

      Collaborating to plan and create engaging and individualized instruction

      Engaging students in cross-curricula activities that foster multiple intelligences

      Conducting ongoing, informal and formal assessments to assess students' mastery

      Analyzing student performance data consistently to personalize instruction

      Creating a passionate, supportive, student-centered environment that includes a home-     

       school connection

      Building positive relationships with students, families, and the community


PTA Dues $10.00  

Browns Mill Is A Uniform School

Monday through Thursday students are to wear:
Girls: Yellow or White Polo, Oxford, or Peter Pan style shirts. Navy Blue or Khaki pants, skirts, shorts, dress, or jumper.

Boys: White or Yellow Polo or Oxford style shirts. Navy Blue or Khaki pants or shorts.
Every Friday is spirit wear day at Browns Mill. Students may wear a Browns Mill t-shirt with jeans or uniform bottoms.